About Lead Inspection

Hand holding a XRF Testing tool


Whether a home buyer meeting insurance requirements, or an owner of a rental property, the Maryland Department of the Environment is requiring lead inspections for all rental homes built before 1978. Lead continues to be a hazardous presence in homes and the goal of the state is to eliminate this health risk. The primary method of entry into the body from a home environment is through inhalation or ingestion through dust particles. 

DC requires inspections for rentals with children under the age of 6, and/or pregnant women.


To determine if you are lead free, an inspector technician uses an XRF lead analyzer. Immediate results tell us if you are lead free; your MDE 330 can be issued at the end of your inspection.  If you are not lead free, there are options, such as consulting with a Risk Assessor to determine which abatement methods are best suited to your needs.


As an owner of a rental property built before 1978, you are required to register with the MDE. If the lead has been abated within the premises, with the turnover of each tenant, you must have DUST SWIPES performed to verify the "lead" is not hazardous. The dust swipes pick up particles and they are sent to a lab to read the lead  levels if they exist.

As an owner with lead in your home, you may elect to undergo renovation work, eradication, and/or abatement. Don't worry,  you have options. A first step is to consult with a Risk Assessor to determine what is best suited to your needs.