Lead Risk Assessment

What is a Risk Assessment?


A risk assessment is an on-site investigation to determine the presence of lead and lead-based hazard in paint, dust, water and soil; we provide suggested ways to abate or control exposure.

New Home Buyer? Pre Settlement Inspection


Include buying peace of mind when buying a home built before 1978.We provide a full summary report within YOUR timeframe while making a decision on your ratified contract. 

Renovation Work?


DIY or contractor hired renovation work: Federal guidelines require a clearance report before starting. Know if there is lead, and take proper precautions to ensure the safety of your family. 

Water Quality Testing


Water in your pipes must be stagnant for at least six hours;  two water samples are taken, a first draw after the stagnant period, and a flush sample, after running the same water source for a minimum of 20 seconds .

Soil Sampling


Sub and urban soils often have lead concentrations  greater than norma levels at the base of a home painted with lead-based paint. Lead does not biodegrade; it remains in soil for thousands of years.

XRF Testing


You have questions, we have answers.  after an XRF (x-ray fluorescence) analyzer Lead-Based Paint, surface-by-surface examination of the home and all exterior painted areas, we identify down to  the mg/cm2, the exact location of any lead paint.