Depending on the type of inspection..

XRF testing

Black and white image of cartoon character looking in closet

The lead technician uses a hand held "gun" to test every painted surface; they need access to all walls in every room, doors, closet interiors, ceilings, baseboard, trim... PLEASE ENSURE THESE AREAS ARE ACCESSIBLE>

Visual Inspection

Siding paint peeling on exterior of a house

If the exterior of your property contains lead, you will be certified at "Limited" This means it must pass a visual inspection, in which ALL PAINTED SURFACES must be in tact. No chipping, no peeling, and no cracking paint.

Dust Swipes testing

Person cleaning the interior window sill with a rag

Lead paint was used in areas of high friction, such as windows and doors. Dust swipe testing ONLY tells you if there is lead in the dust from these higher risk areas. To best prepare, make sure these areas are swept or wiped of accumulated dust. If not lead free, this should be continued maintenance.