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Risk Assessment

Lead Paint Testing

Lead Inspector Technician using  XRF testing tool to test for lead paint on radiator; for lead free.

Every painted surface is tested with an XRF analyzer. A state of the art, sealed radiation source that pinpoints the lead location, and level. It is a hand held x-ray machine that reads through all the layers of paint down to the substrate (base material).

Water Quality Testing

Lead in your water? Water from the tap can be easily tested, sending water samples to our lab.

A basic water sample usually is twp water samples. The two samples are taken from the main water source, typically the kitchen. A first draw (after a 6 hour period of no use) and a second sample, after the water has run for 30 seconds. 

Soil Samples

Hand holding soil

Soil samples are taken from the drip line. Exterior paint erodes over time, from the weather elements;  chippings and dust  fall within a foot of the house, around the entire perimeter.  Ensure the lead from paint has not leached into the  soil on the peripheral of the house. Did you know that it takes over 1,000 years for lead in soil to decompose?  It is better to know...

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