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Lead Paint Inspections & RISK ASSESSMENT in MD, DC and VA

Lead Paint Inspections & RISK ASSESSMENT in MD, DC and VA

Lead Paint Inspections & RISK ASSESSMENT in MD, DC and VALead Paint Inspections & RISK ASSESSMENT in MD, DC and VALead Paint Inspections & RISK ASSESSMENT in MD, DC and VA

Certified LEAD PAINT INSPECTIONS and RISK ASSESSMENT   prompt, courteous, offering same day MDE330 certification

About Us

Founder and CEO Jennifer Bildman

Accredited in Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia we are a crew of  Lead Paint Inspector Technicians. We are certified Risk Assessors in the state of Maryland  and Visual Inspectors (we do Full Risk Reduction testing, also known as "dust swipes").

Our Mission


We take a no nonsense approach, ONE VISIT,  with no extra or hidden fees. We strive to assist our clients with taking the most logical  course of action for their particular need, whether it is for an MDE330 rental certificate, a pre settlement inspection for home buyers, or for construction, pre or post clearance. We are knowledgeable about  Montgomery County neighborhoods, both single family homes and apartment condos. Just because a home was built before 1978 does not necessarily mean it is laden with lead. We can help you find out!

How we got started

 In need of an inspector myself for a rental property,  I was perplexed  at the need to “certify” my 1969 unit. Digging deeper, I became interested enough in the topic-and felt the need to provide clear information and educate people about their choices; there seemed to be lack of information and clarity in my experience. We provide that understanding to others! 

Why Choose Us?


XRF Heuresis Pb200i Lead Analyzer

We use the latest and most up to date technology for our inspections. An XRAY Floresense Analyser; The Heuresis Pb200i Lead Paint sensing devices are superior to the current generation of analyzers. We are licensed and insured for Lead and Visual Inspections and can do XRF readings, dust swipes, and paint chip analysis. We also test water and soil for lead. 


We Understand Your Needs

As  rental property owners ourselves, we are familiar with the new MDE lead regulations for all rental properties built before 1978, and which type of inspection is best suited to your needs.

 We do RISK ASSESSMENT in homes with children that have EBLL; specializing in evaluating potential lead sources- taking water and/or soil samples, dust swipes,  and XRF readings. 


Let Us Be Your Referral!

We can answer your questions with ease and confidence. Let us be your referral! We are always prompt, serve with a smile and offer same day 330 MD lead free certificates.

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