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We know that you want to keep your property and those who reside inside as safe as possible. We also know that navigating lead and testing can be an overwhelming process.  That’s why we take the time to understand your unique situation and priorities before making recommendations. 

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Let’s be real, lead is not something any of us wants to deal with! So, when one of my rental properties required me to get an inspector for an MDE330 Certification, I realized quickly that the world of lead testing – especially in the Washington DC area – can be a legal and logistical nightmare when you don’t know and understand your options.

I started Lead Inspections of Montgomery County to help empower property owners with the knowledge, understanding, and accurate test results to make informed decisions regarding the health of their homes, businesses, and investment properties. 

If you are looking for the peace of mind that only comes with knowing for certain that your property is a healthy and safe environment, please reach out for a free consultation!

Jennifer Bildman

founder & ceo

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Joseph L.Arlington, VA
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Renting out my house for the first time, I needed a lead certificate for an Moco rental license. I called around a few places and every company said that since my house was built in 1955 it definitely has lead in it and I could only get a risk reduction certificate, which required a dust swab test every time a renter moved out. With Lead Inspectors, Jennifer knew the area well and told me that there is a likelihood that my house could be lead free and that she would first scan first, and then do a dust swab only if the scanner found lead behind the paint. I would only pay for one of the services. I was so glad that I called her because after 180 scans it was determined that the interior of my house was lead-free.
Sarah P.Rockville, MD
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Excellent inspectors! I was very impressed with the service. My rental was between tenants so I needed a new lead inspection and the guy I used previously no longer does them. After speaking with Jennifer she asked me a bunch of questions about the house and then said the house might be able to qualify for the lead-free certificate which sounded great. Afterwards she explained the results and what they meant and then provided me with a complete inspection packet all the way down to a pre-addressed envelope with sticky note instructions. Great service, great professionalism, great price for the high quality service.
Bernadette D.Fort Washington, MD
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If I could give Lead Inspections of MoCo a 10, I would. The owner is knowledgeable, patient, dependable, thorough, very price competitive and goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service (including a stamp on the envelope Fee Payment Form letter. Wow!) I am so happy that I found Jennifer. Thank you for your outstanding work.

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Our teams are familiar with the new MDE lead regulations for all rental properties built before 1978, and which type of inspection is best suited to the needs of each property. We do risk assessment in homes with children that have EBL specializing in evaluating potential lead sources- taking water and/or soil samples, dust swipes,  and XRF readings. In addition to strictly following EPA guidelines; our reports are clear, thorough, and concise, including images and

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