Services Provided

Hand holding a XRF Testing tool

MD 330 Certification for pre 1978 rentals

  • XRF testing for LEAD FREE and LIMITED LEAD FREE*


*With immediate results, we can tell tell you if you are lead free; your MDE 330 can be issued at the end of your inspection.  If you are not lead free, there are options, such as consulting with a Risk Assessor to determine which abatement methods are best suited to your needs. 

FRR: with the turnover of each tenant, you must have DUST SWIPES performed to verify the unit " is not hazardous. The dust swipe samples are sent to a lab to determine if there are hazardous levels of lead particles in the dust. Freshly painted and cleaned vacant units are eligiible for this testing. 

Pre Settlement/Owner Occupied Risk Assessments

As a buyer or owner   you want to know if there is lead paint in your home before you move in, undergo renovation work, or have young children and want to know the status of lead.  A first step is to consult with a Risk Assessor to determine what is best suited to your needs. To determine if you are lead free, an inspector technician uses an XRF lead analyzer. Immediate results tell us if you are lead

Lead Clearance Reports: Home Cay Care/ Insurance and Bank Refinancing

Using EPA/HUD guidelines, our technicians will determine the absence or presence of lead-based paint, provide the data, and a HUD standard WRITTEN REPORTS with results (and optional recommendations ) within 48 hours.  You have the option to become lead with our guidance.